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The Gym of New Iberia

We want to thank our members for their kind words.

We hope to continues providing you with a great atmosphere and experience at THE GYM. 

"She won't stop talking about it. She wants to have a party there every year! It was awesome! Thanks so much again!"

"I just wanted to say "Thank you" to all of you at The Gym! ALL of you have been an inspiration to me throughout my fitness journey! Each time I walk into The Gym, I am always greeted with a big smile and encouraged to have a great workout whether I am working out in a class or by myself! Every class that I have taken has been filled with such encouragement and positivity from the instructors that it continues to motivate me even more! 

What you all don't know is that the past couple of years, my personal life has been filled with tremendous difficulties. Literally, I had to start back at square one to get physically healthy again. 

ALL OF YOU at THE GYM have been by my side constantly "cheering me on" every step of the way! I am improving so much each time I work out and I know that I will only get better because of the awesome staff and instructors at The Gym! You are all a blessing to me and I am very thankful The Gym is a part of my life!"

"First I wish to thank you and your staff for saving my life. Seriously, if it was not for The Gym and staff there is no way in this world I would be in the shape and able to enjoy life again. Since joining The Gym, I have lost 170 pounds and am able to easily walk 5 to 6 miles a day at work. Both are things I never thought would be possible again. I will never ever forget the gift of life the you and your staff have given to me"

"I am really enjoying all the classes. I am extremely impressed with all of the coaches. The atmosphere here is great."

"I really appreciate all your help...And just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your gym. The staff is always super nice and helpful and I love the classes! I just wish I would've joined sooner :)"

"The Gym is a great place for bday parties. Angie & Kallie are great hosts."

"We appreciate all the improvements you've done to make it a better place to meet our fitness goals."

"Your staff is awesome. The girl working the front was nice, she was working the whole 2 and a half hours I was there. Moving chairs, wiping down machines, vacuuming."


"So I just have to give a BIG shout out to the Restorative Yoga instructor of last night's class.  This was my second time attending this class and I loved it both times.   What a wonderful way to end a very stressful day.  She has such a calming tone – it's overall just an awesome class. 

Just wanted to share J  I love The Gym!"



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